Pyrasphere Academy

2018 Spring/Summer Catalogue

*Class Schedules and Room Numbers will soon be available for the 2018 fall trimester.


Dr.  Hans von Schrect, PhD, EdD, Cosmologist, Chief Science Officer


                    Optical Scientifics


                    The Quantum Pyramid: The Grain of Rice


                    The Inscrutable Sphere: The Power of Holy Pi

Rev. Leicster Cohen-Blaize


                    Fact Not Faith: Reading Between The Lies


                    Liturgical Linguistics (Intermediate Only)


                    Pyrasphere & The Old Testament: A Critical Analysis

 Dr. Mrs. Sylvia Licht, ND, Bionutritionist, Metaphysiologist, Chiropractor


                    The Mitochondrial You


                    Dianutretics:  Maintaining a Luminous Bio-Bodysuit


                   Paranoid Apologetics

Dr.  Alex Joyfrem, PhD, QED, PSA, Notary Public




                    Pyr-Pressure Discussion Group


                   The Cult in Culture (Pyraspherists Level 15n- and Above)

Dr. Emily Moon, MD, MDhD, Homeopathic Brain Surgeon


                    The Pyrasphere Brain For Beginners


                    Synaptic Fireworks and Dentritic Facade-Work


                    Lobotomy and the God-sized Hole (Level 9h+ Required)

Professor Burke Ember, PhD, EdD, Intelligencia, Scholastic

                    Lighterature1 : The Building the Best Book

                    Lighterature2:  The Best Book:  Critical Intrigues

                    Lighterature3:  The Hidden Pelican (for advanced students only)

Blaney Fifer, DDS, EPhD, PhQD, MD


                   Through the Looking Glass


                   The Quantum You


                   Learning To Burn: A Storer’s Journey

Aura, ChD, Spa Director, Astro-Aesthetician


                  Upward Cleansing




                  The Poison Masque

Dr. David Dresden, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Chieftain


                 Successology 1:  Getting What You Want Every Time


                 Successology 2:  Quantum Wealth and Abundance


                 Successology 3:  Income Streams

Jack Rudy, Esquire


                Your Pyramid Contract And You (All Luminosity Levels)


                Ecclesiastic vs Legal Bindings


                Sacred Ignore-ance and Taxes – “Make the separation of church and state

                         work for you.”

Joust, Author, Bon Vivant, Chief Dating Cleric


                Light Partners 1:  Changing Who You Are


                Light Partners 2:  Matching Luminosities


                Light Partners 3:  Trading Up:  The Ascendant Romance

Dr. Veronica Valentine, PhDD in Dating, Love Doctor


                Maintaining Mutual Luminosity


                Outside In: What They See, Is Who You Are


                The Instruction and Use of the Lightometer


The Reverend Doctor Coyote, Meta-Naturalist, Preacher, Star Coach


                The Higher I Am: The Higher You Can Be (Class Location Variable)


                The Star You Are (AUDITION REQUIRED)


                Masculine Full-Fill-Ment (Masculine Recovery Residents Only, Class Times            


    Gossamyrrh, Pyrasphere Founder, Religious Leader, Jeweler, and Best-Selling Author 


                The Sphere Appears:  My Journey Into the Center of the Light (limit 6                

                        students, luminosity 19b+ and above)


                Handstrung Beadery (All Levels)


                Breaking The Death Habit (Assessment Exam Required)