Become a Pyraspherist

You are amazing! You should get everything you’ve ever wanted. You deserve it! Join us. Become a Pyraspherist! (One of of us....)

Here is what you can become:


1.       Become a level 1 Pyraspherist: Ladybug. Just send us your name and get 1 thing that you've always wanted. [Sold Out]

2.       Become a level 2 Pyraspherist: Grasshoper. You'll not only get 1 thing that you've always want, but we'll even throw in another thing that you've always wanted for free (just pay for additional shipping and handling). You'll just need to read the 21 tenants (or send us $1). [Sold Out]

3.       Become a level 2 Pyraspherist: Mouse. You'll get two things that you've always wanted, plus one thing that someone else wants. You'll have to study really hard for this one. A whole year of studying (or send us $2) [Sold Out]

3.       Become a level 3 Pyraspheris: Little Person. Yes, little people get things too. They drink and they get things (just look at Tyrian Lanister). You'll get charm, wit, the love and admiration of men and women (don't hold back on the kinky stuff), plus everything listed above. Just pledge to usyour first born son/daughter (or send us 3 easy installments of $0.99) [Sold Out]

4.       Become a level 4 Pyraspherist: Become a God! You'll get everything you've always wanted. Love, sex, turning everything you touch into gold (so stop touching yourself), fire breathing dragons (or ice breathing, up to you), and absolutely everything else you've ever wanted. You'll have to study the 21 tenants for 10 lifetimes to become a Pryasphere god...or stand up at work, jump on your desk and shout out, "I am a Pyraspherist!!!" [Only 3 remaining, hurry offer ends soon.]

-All donations to Pyrasphere can be made through bitcoin and will come back to you 21 fold.