The 21 Tenets of Pyrasphere

•ONE.  Fact not Faith.  Pyrasphere is a religion based in modern quantum scientific dogma or “Scientifics.”  There are no fairy tales or myths in Pyrasphere.  “Quantum mechanics proves an electron can be in two places at the same time.  Therefore anything goes.  This is what is meant by playing ball.” (BB3/45(e.)   

•TWO.   Universal Deservation (or Hallowed Entitlement.)  According to universal law, every individual deserves to be constantly happy and perpetually fulfilled.  He/she is entitled to never feel pain, loss, or discomfort.  

•THREE. Unlimited Cosmic Abundance.  Many believe good can not exist without bad.  This is a delusion.  The Good News of Pyrasphere is there is no limit to joy and no necessity ever for any sort of pain or unpleasantness.   

•This is best expressed through the practice of Sacred Shopping (or Wish-full thinking.)  The universe is a vast universal catalogue.  Pick what you want and you will have it.  As long as you believe you already have it.    

•FOUR.  Enlightened self-full-ness. There is no external deity in Pyrasphere.  Every individual is “the works.”  The individual worships “the works” by putting himself/herself above all things.  One can not love anything until one loves oneself and puts oneself above all things.     

•FIVE.  Sacred Ignore-ance.  That which is not seen does not exist.  “A rash or irritation when ignore-d, vanishes, leaving no trace.”  (BB5/31(.e)

•Pelicans are sacred because demonstrate “sacred ignorance,” by using their feathered wings to shield their eyes from all that is unpleasant.    

•SIX.  No Pity.  Everyone is personally responsible for their success or failure, wealth or poverty, sickness or health.  “Tis better to be pity-less than to be pity-full.”(BB2/34(.a)”    

•SEVEN.  Outside in.  External beauty leads to internal beauty.  Physical appearance is sacrosanct in Pyrasphere and indicates level of luminosity.  

•EIGHT.  Transferential property of luminosity.  Light is energy.  E=mc2.  Mass= Energy.  Energy=Luminosity.  When one loses mass, energy/luminosity is released, which attracts more energy/luminosity in the form of wealth, fame, and success.   Luminosity can be accurately measured through the use of the lightometer.   “The more you lose, the more you gain.” 

•NINE.  Unfilled God-sized hole.  Every individual is born with a God-sized hole.  Many try in vain to fill their hole with drugs, alcohol, or sex.  When an individual fills his God-sized hole with Pyrasphere, the individual manifests (ful)(fill)ment and achieves the highest level of luminosity. 

•TEN. The higher you are, the higher you are.  Pyraspherists achieve altered emotional heights through the practices of  “hyper-inspiration,” “dervishing,” and “pharmaceuticals.” 

•ELEVEN.  Quadragalactics.  There are four universes.  The first universe we know through our empirical senses.  The second universe is inhabited entirely by deceased celebrities.  Each individual in this universe has a deceased celebrity guardian (DC guardian) from the second universe. The DC guardian is assigned, according to the individual’s level of luminosity.  There is nothing known about the 3rd and 4th universes (The marvel universes). 

•TWELVE.  Breaking the death habit.  When the final stage of luminosity is reached (the Pinnacle), one achieves supreme happiness, ascends, and is reborn in the second universe as a DC guardian. 

•THIRTEEN.  The Pyramidial law of co-circulation.  When a Pyraspherist contributes wealth energy to Pyrasphere, he/she will receive wealth energy back twenty-one-fold.   This is the Scientifics of pyramidial ascendance.  The more “Pre-spheres” and wealth one brings into Pyrasphere, the faster and higher one rises in the pyramidial structure. 

•FOURTEEN.  The Work.  The work is putting the tenets in action through various practices and rituals in order to the highest level of luminosity and bringing wealth, abundance, and fame. 

•FIFTEEN.  Sindo and Yeesh.  Sindo is the major holiday (HOLY-DAY) of Pyrasphere.  On Sindo, Pyraspherists indulge all their vices for the sake of the community.  This is what is meant by “Heal the world through hedonism.”  (BB6/23(.a). Yeesh is the day after Sindo.  It is the day of repentance and atonement.  “Sorry is the hardest word.”  (BB4/32(a.) 

•SIXTEEN.  Noah Knew.  Noah was the first Pyraspherist.  He discovered the secret of the pyramid within the sphere when watching two pelicans mate on the bow of the arc in front of the setting sun.  Since Noah there have been many Pyraspherists.  Buddha.  Joseph Smith.  Marie Curie.  Rae Dawn Chong.  The teachers of “The Secret.”  This is what is meant by “the secret within The Secret is the pyrasphere.” (BB 4/11(.e) 

•SEVENTEEN  Say the word, not the bird.  A Pyraspherist who has reached the final stage of luminosity is able to cognitively dissociate the word “pelican” from the mental image of the bird “pelican.” 

•EIGHTEEN.  My instinct is my command.  Every instinct must be followed.  (An instinct is different than a thought prompting future action. Thoughts prompting future action should be avoided.  Instincts should be indulged, but only good instincts.  Except on Sindo, where anything goes.)

•NINETEEN. Coincidence?  No.  Pyraspherists do not believe in the existence of coincidences.   

•TWENTY. Light Partners.   All romantic and sexual entanglements must be engaged within Pyrasphere or in the process of recruitment for Pyrasphere.  Light partners are matched on the basis of like-luminosity. 

•TWENTY-ONE.   Other people.  The enemies of Pyrasphere are Those People who create all the problems in the world.  Those People are also known as “Them,” “Other People,” and “Those guys.”  Those People are easily identifiable and should be avoided at all costs.  

Featured Tenet - Fact not Faith